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6 Ushers Needed For An Event

6 ushers needed for a 3 days conference in central business district daily pay for d event is #10,000

17 July 2018 ON

Event Ushers Needed

An usher works in the theatres and event halls. They attend to guests and give them their proper seats before and during a show or program. They distribute and sell show merchandise. ushers help their guests in locating not only their seats but other facilities as well, like comfort rooms, ...

13 July 2018 ON

Ushering Job

ushers may be asked to perform virtually any task to help the event or ceremony run more smoothly. Sometimes ushers double as ticket-takers or as security guards, keeping control of unruly patrons until law enforcement officials arrive. Anyone interested should send their CVs to or send their ...

9 July 2018 ON

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